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8 Helps for the Effective control of Hot Flashes

In the USA is approximately 50 million women which are on them menopauzal'noy stages. Eighty percent of these women - hot sufferers of flashes. Though hot flashes in themselves are safe, they can become extremely inconvenient. For this reason the majority menopauzal'nykh women spends the big effort, trying to find an effective control of hot flashes.
Hot flashes can occur any time. They can occur as a moderate warm feeling or the strengthened heat which extends everywhere by the top part of a body to the person. During hot flash the skin often seems spotty and red. Hot flashes also increase sweat, cause fast palpation, and at last cools, as they bring to nothing.
One of the most effective ways to receive the control of hot flashes with some changes in a way of life plus corresponding natural means.
Here some simple methods to operate hot flashes which work on the majority of women:
1. Avoid stimulators, such as alcohol, spicy products, and caffeine. They can cause hot flashes. Spicy products - the main trigger mechanism of hot flashes. Superfluous caffeine can operate as a diuretic which can cause magnesium and calcium loss. These minerals are very important for a bone building just as helping women to remain quiet. It is desirable to drink no more, than one cup of coffee day. Grassy tea is much better, if you try to receive a complete control over hot flashes.
2. Avoid products which contain high quantity of sugar or are sour. These products stimulate a mood swing. Sour products make a sick especially when you eat them much.
3. Quiet stay, eat the balanced diet, and receive a lot of realisation. Take ten deep dykhaniy after you wake up in the morning. You could be surprised by that, how much effective it. Eat three small food intakes in day and occassional healthy snack the intermediate. First of all, receive a lot of rest.
4. Take one of grassy additions which as showed, have helped you to receive the control of hot flashes, such as black cohosh. Oil from seeds of flax and mineral magnesium also are recommended. Magnesium vital for menopauzal'nykh women, not only to support bone density, but also also to benefit heart. Magnesium helps to prevent many illnesses and advances calmness which can help to receive to you a good dream of nights.
5. Observe the weight. Be too thin can to force to transfer women more intensive hot flashes and other connected signs connected with an estrogen. Also it is important not to weigh more norms. The main site of manufacture of an estrogen during concerning by the period after menopauzy stages is in body fat. Weigh more norms can to open risks to get a breast and a uterine cancer.
6. Execute breating on which walk. Operated, deeply, slow rhythmical breath practised two times, in day can help to give you the control of hot flashes. You also will find that breath on which walk, reduces anxiety which is other general menopauzal'nym a sign.
7. Stop to smoke. Besides increase in hot flashes, smoking can cause other serious problems with health, such as a cancer, blow, and heart troubles.
8. Think of hot flashes as about pressure jumps. Women are strong, as they test those hot times in the lives and transition to the following stage. They can be simple a reminder that we travel at the following stage of a life. The more you use these helps to receive the control of hot flashes, the it is less than discomfort they will cause you.


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